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Hey Anton, this thing has become massive so i've made it into a page on the site. Like we were saying at 4:00 in the morning, this is something which we'll probably look back to for reference and not something we can look through all at once. I'll keep adding to it when I find new shit, and I'll put the updates at the top of the page.

For any who are coming from Neocities itself, this is a page of various art shit which my friend Anton and I admire and take inspiration off. We're currently messing around with ideas for a collab comic book between the two of us.

Potentially NSFW links are bright yellow with red text, just so you know!

Also check out ArtShit Mini while you're at it, a work in progress alternative ArtShit.

Let me know if any links are broken

So, enough talk...


31MAR2018 - Page created

05APR2018 - First pass complete, far out that's a lot of links already. Scrolled through near 4000 twitter favourites and i'm yet to get onto bookmarks and other sites

The actual ArtShit

Artists, animators, and people

  1. Arne Niklas Jansson, Android Arts, i love his stuff so much
    1. In particular, his art tutorials bring up some interesting points to do with lighting and digital painting in general
    3. His older works are a point of interest too
    4. He posts to twitter fairly often
  2. Leena Lecklin, her art is awesome
    1. Especially anything to do with The Tim Tale
  3. LizardShuffle, IguanaMouth, Laurence, there's a lot of memes of his art
  4. kéké, uses flipnote studio and TVPaint to make really cute anims
  5. Caleb Wood, or kbib, has very cool animations
  6. Rikert has a great sense of colour
    1. also active on Newgrounds
  7. Robert Chew
    1. Particularly his demonic soldier series
  8. Anita Gaughan, great animator who doesn't post enough haha
  9. Ryota Murayama, has amazing shading and colouring
    1. Also on twitter
  10. Matthew Gafford, animating a frame by frame Star Fox fan series
  11. Dan Paladin, his old website
    1. He's on Newgrounds too
  12. Paul Robertson is an insane pixel animator
  13. Yur Gus, also known as Fool, is another insanely good pixel artist
  14. Jeff Bandelin, animator and artist for Newgrounds
  15. SteveSketches makes some pretty fantastic fantasy work
  16. Callum Alexander Watt, makes really awesome spitpaints and concept artwork
  17. Aaron Nakahara, whom i've shown you before, also makes awesome spitpaints and has an awesome style
  18. Gareth Davies is another fantastic artist in the same vein as the last two
  19. Ksen is always posting cool mech related stuff
  20. Robbie Trevino makes seriously cool and in his words surreal art
  21. Ian McQue is yet another awesome concept artist, I love his sketches
  22. Guzzu is a FANTASTIC animator who has recently moved on from stick anims to pursue animation beyond that of just stick figures, he streams all the time and retweets a bunch of cool animation
  23. Cosimo Galluzzi, literally just found him through adding shit to this page, he makes fucken SICK art
  24. TKO, fantastic VFX animator
  25. Gustav Samuelson, he's a fantastic artist who does a bunch of pixel art but other stuff aswell
  26. JazLyte is a cool as artist and animator
    1. Also has a twitter
  27. AnimatorSteve, he does these awesome looping 3D combat anims in Maya, definitely worth checking out and probably what's to come with the animation course
  28. Simon Stålenhag is awesome, people know him for his really atmospheric art but he makes fuckin sweet music too
    1. One of his more recent pieces can be heard here on Ubiktune's SOUNDSHOCK 3
  29. Ron English makes some beautifully fucked up artwork, nothing pornographic just some nudity further down
  30. Cory Schmitz is a fantastic logo and typography designer
  31. Lots of cool and creepy demonic works from OmegaBlack, be warned that he occasionally posts porn, mostly to his tumblr though
  32. NullGhost shades and renders his coloured works so fuckin well i don't know how he does it. He's a furry porn artist who does commissions though so tread carefuly if that's not what you're into
  33. Dominique Ferland, or Dom2D, makes these awesome small doodles. Often does game design related stuff
  34. Fawf makes some cool art, it's a mix of painted and pixel works
  35. Sabbas Apterus, makes these awesome painted pieces with a muted look
  36. Taran Fiddler
  37. Websites

  38. The Illusion of Life or The 12 Principles of Animation presented in a concise manner, i love this page
  39. While not strictly art, Noita has really cool effects anims and everything is simulated so it looks cool as
  40. You might see #sakuga on some of the twitter links here, sakuga pretty much means really good animation, and there's a whole website for it
  41. Very cool game which i've been following the development of for a couple of years. Just found out now that it's finally done!
  42. Catsuka is one of if not my favourite animation site. Such good stuff posted there all the time
  43. Gamestorm sadly doesn't process people's submissions anymore, but they used to post random people's game design notes on grid paper and refill to their site, very cool stuff
  44. Art and animations

  45. Alien Hominid
  46. Chainsaw the Children
  47. Dad n' Me
    1. All of these Dan Paladin x Tom Fulp games are fantastic
    2. You can see the two of them at the bottom of this page
  48. A Prank Time by Jaime R.
    1. Fuckin incredible animation
  49. Drawings from public transportation
  50. Cat dude barbarian by SteveSketches
  51. Samurai Magpie
  52. First page sketchbook indulgence
    1. Incredible
  53. Birdsign by Baconstrap
  54. Dwarf ink art
  55. Demonic graphite drawing
  56. Cannon wielding bear
  57. pixely metal monster thing
  58. steak? animation
  59. Fuckin cool mech animation
  60. I grew up with stickfights and stickanims, love this shit so much
  61. Great front cover
  62. I HIGHLY recommend doing a deep dive on the #animonthly tag on twitter made by @RubberNInja, and also the #ZettaiAbsolute tag. So much good shit people are making which i'm yet to even look through fully

  63. Another stickbattle, i'm going to have to hold myself back from putting too many on here
  64. Incredible level of detail in this short snippet
  65. anim test
  66. good shit
  67. Awesome combination of 3D work and pixel art
  68. Basilisk Eel by Yazmin Dyer
    1. Also highlights how FUCKIN cool ZBrush is as a program. There's so much you can do
  69. More cool shit by SteveSketches, the character description reminds me of our Pathfinder characters hahaaa
  70. Pretty sure we both follow jake parker but man is his art ever cool
  71. How the hell they did this full turnaround is unknown to me
  72. Cool lightning animation
  73. Great little alien hominid piece
  74. Nice inked sketchpad work
  75. Awesome mech figurines, love the paint on them
  76. mech painting
  77. Fuckin hilarious but awesome cuphead anime mashup
  78. great instant sword swing animation
  79. flaming skull dude animation
  80. more awesome flaming skulls
  81. parallel pen drawing of hellboy, fuck they're cool pens
  82. Cool as fuck glove fanimation for the main character from Hyper Light Drifter, very cool stuff
  83. Interesting light/values/pose piece
  84. Cool looking in progress enemy from Madness: Project Nexus by Krinkels
  85. Fire jet animation
  86. Sketches like these are why I like Arne's work so much
  87. Spaceship, love the colours used
  88. More great colours on this pixel anim of a sushi shop
  89. Animonthly as always is fantastic
  90. looks like the robots from Saga again
  91. Great use of animation fundamentals in this 3d piece
  92. Hahaaa even more saga robots? or maybe this is different enough
  93. Metal armour squad
  94. Coooool character design
  95. robot pixels
  96. Lots of small details in the movement here
  97. Beetle bois
  98. KTRON from the Valerian movie, shame it was such a clusterfuck on film as the designs are cool as
  99. Heheh i really like this shark dude design
  100. Persona 5 has so much style, i love it
  101. Smoke test
  102. More fuckin cool androidarts stuff
  103. BreakerPangolin makes FANTASTIC art but doesn't post too often
  104. Castlevania animation, absolutely great
  105. Studio La Cachette have done at least one maybe two amazing short animations, cool to another in progress here
  106. Very cool piece "Iron Emmisary", great lighting
  107. Again, just amazing work on the castlevania animation
  108. Awesome talking animation
  109. Nice palette
  110. creepy creature
  111. TMNT anim
  112. pixel shadow claw anim
  113. fun enemy designs
  114. Really cool use of coloured pencils over black paper
  115. Monstrous megamen pixelarts
  116. Don't know the source, incredible shit none the less
  117. More cool shit by arne
  118. Wearwolf pixels
  119. Aesthetic machine makes some strange shit at times but his art is great
  120. Transformations look fucking impossible to animate
  121. Animation done without onionskinning, so good
  122. Commissioned ink piece
  123. Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins for the PSP had awesome art
  124. Cool shit by ian mcque
  125. Tribal Wasteriders by Darren Bartley
  126. DingDongVG has this alien avatar which BathroomTile blew completely out of proportion
  127. Incredible hellish blood wolf pixel anim
  128. More cool shit by Ian McQue (there's a lot of it)
  129. Buff homer
  130. "summon" pixel by James T.
  131. Super cool hellboy prints
  132. Awesome cover for EXTREMITY
  133. Pretty dragon in a bottle pixels
  134. Modern orc warmup sketch, absolutely love it
  135. Sword clash anim
  136. Sick 2d pixel anim, but i think it's a game, katana fighting
  137. More great shit from Callum Alexander Watt
    1. And more...
  138. Airport sketches
  139. album cover
  140. robot speeder sculpt
  141. Hand drawn animation homework, far out it looks like a lot of work
  142. ink sketch
  143. Pixel art, cool colours
  144. More cool shit by Gareth Davies
  145. Aaron Nakahara with something which almost looks like watercolour, but it's digital
  146. Dude chillin on a hover bike ink sketch
  147. Watercolour sketches with Ian McQue
    1. That pencil looks familiar, wahey!
  148. Yet another sign of things to come in the animation course, holy shit
    1. Even if this is Blender, the setting up of bones, IK chains, and rigs in general is something I THINK we cover, maybe not
  149. Bat Mech sketch, really well rendered ink work
  150. Cool sketches
  151. Very pretty pixels
  152. More good stuff by Ksen
  153. I think this is a comic book cover? Cool shit
  154. A rare instance of Arin Hanson posting his art stuff
  155. Something about mixing classic metal armour designs and scifi which I absolutely love
  156. Some amazing work from Mandrill Pixel
  157. Older stuff from Aaron Nakahara, still love it
  158. Really great looking cloth here
  159. Apparently this was "photobashed" together using photoshop, pretty cool
  160. More cool knights
  161. Ian McQue yet again
  162. Some awesome minimal gundam art
  163. Cute Chrono Trigger fan art
  164. Great little ink piece
  165. Pretty pixels
  166. Older AestheticMachine stuff, like the Guillermo Del Toro vibe from this one
  167. Interesting piece
  168. SUUUPER cool easter demonic piece which I completely forgot about.
  169. More cool shit from Aaron Nakahara
  170. Cool pinup from RUMBLE
  171. Kua-Toa
  172. Really like Moxomo's palette on this one
  173. Creepy bathtub monster
  174. Knife by Kenket
  175. Sci fi placescape style horror i don't know what, it's good though
  176. Cool stuff by bri-in-the-sky
    1. Attack beavers, strong line of action and composition
  177. We briefly mentioned intellegent deer for the comic but immediately scrapped that idea, we're not alone !
  178. Bubble Navy by Balaskas, cool composition
  179. More balaskas, this time a nice environment
  180. Smith by Moxomo
  181. Really like this rendition of Beast from XMen
  182. Ridley from the Metroid series of games
  183. Deadpool as drawn by deadlymike
  184. Jubei Mitsuyoshi by Aaron Nakahara
  185. Weedy dog portrait
  186. Great fanart for the game Starbound
  187. Hover bike
  188. Random points of reference

  189. The creative process
  190. Elon Musk's hyperloop
  191. Masashi Wakui takes these awesome photos of urban japan, has cool colours too
  192. I think we were talking about foreshortening, everyone has their own method but i found this quite interesting
  193. Fanfuckintastic MSX mags with clay sculpts on each cover. So damn cool
  194. Cool cat figure paintover, looks like KidRobot but i can't tell
  195. Looks like our pathfinder party
  197. Interesting anatomy studies, this is more for myself though hahaa i look at these for hours and don't do anything with them goddamn
  198. Moop does all this cool cosplay stuff I fucken love it
    1. More
  199. Pretty doors, don't know how relevant it is to what we're doing but they look cool
  200. I'm always on the lookout for logo designs and this one is fucking awesome. That cross logo I showed you, Anton, i'm not happy with at all. We'll both end up making new logos this year probably hahahaa
  201. Another cool logo for KFC
  202. Original Studio Ghibli layouts for their movies
  203. Interesting method to get lineart back from flat colours
  204. 17th Century Japanese Demon is Unenthused
  205. Bullshit which has even less to do with art than the reference section

  206. Reminds me of the constant state of darkness in my apartment, i'll never open those blinds!
  207. Ian McQue's bookshelf, so many concept art, inspo, and ref books holy shit
  208. Kazu Kibuishi owns what would have to be the best looking all in one compilation of the Bone books i've ever seen
  209. The "I'm going to draw" starter pack