13:57 Hunter's Force Ghost: random question

13:58 Hunter's Force Ghost: what 2d animation software do people recommend?

13:58 ItsJustAnton: PROCREATE

13:58 ItsJustAnton: CAPS LOCK ON SORRY

14:14 Rhinctus: nah procreate's tools are fledgling limited, plus then you have to buy into the ipad ecosystem, TVPaint is at the height of my recommendations because it's tools are just so nice, the workflow actually makes sense. you have to pay for it though and cracks are limited. There's opentoonz, krita, and blender but those are also on the up and coming, they're all worth checking out because the workflows might speak to you more than they did to me. blender's 2.83 has a bunch of 2d drawing improvements which are really exciting (worthikids uses blender), krita is swiftly getting better, has really good painting tools, and doesn't crash anywhere near as much as opentoonz. the best (and worst) part about open toonz is that it has an old school scan based workflow with 2d drawing hamfisted in there, so honestly i'd stay away from it. they're slowly making the digital drawing tools better but it's baby steps. ToonBoom is great if you want a job but the interface is fugly and certain features have a fairly steep learning curve, it's paid for but cracks probably aren't as limited as TVPaint. Adobe animate is of course deeply rooted in the workflow of flash, it works but it takes plenty of getting used to. There's an old school option called Plastic Animation Paper, it's lovely but it old and the interface is wacky. It has an unreleased successor Animation Paper which is looking to be really good.

the BIGGEST THING THOUGH at the end of all of those thoughts is that they're just fucking tools. no one cares. the only thing which really matters is what you make with them and that you're comfortable using them so i'd say try them all out, try making a bouncing ball (using reference) and see if you like the hotkeys, interface buttons, yadda yadda all that shit

14:14 Rhinctus: I HAVE THOUGHTS

14:14 Rhinctus: https://twitter.com/JohnnyUtahNG/status/1095436923567554561

14:15 Rhinctus: jeff has said some dumb shit but MAN he is good as using flash

14:15 Rhinctus: https://twitter.com/IvanA1mighty/status/1021250111203135488

14:15 Rhinctus: ivan is a fucking wizard, this is using flash cs3

14:16 Rhinctus: another option is clip studio paint EX which has a full suite of animation tools. they're VERY GOOD but take some getting used to, you also have the full painting suite running behind it which is so nice (like krita does too!)

14:18 Rhinctus: toniko pantoja of course uses TVPaint, another animator kazunoko uses TVPaint and ClipStudio interchangeably

14:18 Rhinctus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkKo7i3gtC4

14:18 Rhinctus: pretty stuff

14:18 Rhinctus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRZxNotWAWM

14:19 Rhinctus: lacachette has used tvpaint a bunch

14:19 Rhinctus: https://code.blender.org/2020/02/grease-pencil-refactor/

14:19 Rhinctus: LOOK AT THESE NEW FEATURES FOR BLENDER they're exciting

14:20 Rhinctus: if you use any of these programs i really recommend before you even animate something, dig through the preferences and hotkey reference to get used to what is available to you

14:20 Rhinctus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXvZUqoNBNI

14:21 Rhinctus: kekeflipnote uses a combination of flipnote studio and flipnote studio 3d (who could've guessed) and also TVPaint

14:21 Rhinctus: if you want a PC equivalent to flipnote, there's clipnote studio on itch.io which is really sweet

14:22 Rhinctus: i don't recommend it but people have made really cool shit with photoshop's timeline, but fuck photoshop